DIY Low Cost Energy Efficient Air Cooler – The CoolMachine

The CoolMachine uses a  5 Liter Garden Sprayer to create compression for the misting nozzle. The sprayer will run for about 20 minutes before it needs more pumping. The misting nozzle was obtained by removing the nozzle from one of these very cheap water spray bottles:


The original nozzle on the Garden Sprayer did not work very well because the droplets are to big.

It takes some cutting to remove the nozzle from the water spray bottle and some further fitting to get the spray bottle nozzle to fit the Garden Sprayer.


Four computer fans is used for the fan array. These fans were salvaged from old computer power supplies:


They are 12 Volt fans. The four fans is pressed into a cut 1.5 liter plastic fruit juice bottle to create a wind tunnel like effect:


The evaporation chamber and excess water collection chamber are 5 Liter water bottles.

Draining the of the excess water collection bottle needs to be done about every 40 minutes.

I hope some of you hot people out there found this article of use. And I hope you all become cooler every day. hugesmilestar