DIY Wind Generators


Many people who are interested in having a wind power system ( wind generator or turbine ) end up building one themselves. This happens because of the huge cost savings involved. It is not difficult to build a wind power system from easily obtainable parts. Tools needed are not more than what is found in most DIY home garages.

A wind turbine with all the needed parts to make it work can easily cost $1000 for 500Watts ( without battery ). A DIY wind turbine system can cost as low as $100 or even less for about 300 – 500 Watts. It depends on how many parts can be gathered free of charge or at low costs. There are many designs for Do It Yourself wind turbines. Some can be obtained on the internet free of charge others you have to pay for. Some designs are better than others. Which design is best for you will depend on your specific situation. Sometimes people design these systems with recycling in view ( green people ). Some people design their system according to what parts they have or can easily get on junk piles or from friends. You might end up adopting a design to suit your needs and according to the parts available to you. The following sections will give some information on different designs you might want to consider. You can navigate your way through it by using the paging:

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