Chrystal Meth (Tik ) – The Devils Drug.

Our brains release dopamine when we are doing something pleasurable. It is part of the brain’s natural reward system. Our lives revolve around this reward system and we constantly seek dopamine release.

Dopamine is released in various quantities depending on what task we are fulfilling. We have been designed to work, eat  and procreate . When we eat and find the food pleasurable the brain is releasing dopamine. If we are doing some kind of work we like our brains are releasing dopamine. During sexual pleasure the brain releases dopamine.  Dopamine release is what  regulates our behavior. We constantly seek it for happiness.

Chrystal Meth also Called Tik, is usually smoked with a glass  pipe called a lolly. The drug is placed inside the pipe, heated up until it gasifies, and the gas is then inhaled. It can also be eaten. It causes the brain to release dopamine. The usual dosage taken by illegal drug abusers causes the brain to release an unnaturally high amount of dopamine. This causes a great sense of pleasure to the user. During this flood of dopamine the over stimulus of the dopamine receptors causes damage to the  receptors. The flood is called a rush, this diminishes quickly but the trip may continue for many hours. During which time the user feels great.

When the Crystal Meth has finally worn off, the user experiences a great depression. And because the brain has  suffered a decrease in dopamine receptors he has trouble enjoying the everyday life things he use to. The brain may also be temporarily depleted of dopamine.  Most people will seek Chrystal Meth again after their first time use. And their lives will start to revolve around the drug. Even though physical addiction takes some time of using it, psychological addiction could set in after the first time use.   If  not used again after the first time use the brain is likely to recover fully. Chronic use to the point of physical addiction usually causes irrecoverable brain chemistry changes.

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