Weight Loss and Weight Loss Programs.

Which one is best for you ?

In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. As simple as that might sound achieving it may not be that simple.

Various factors influence our appetites. An unbalanced psychological state could manifest as an unbalance in food intake. Eating is a pleasure, and someone who has a lack of other pleasures in life might over eat in order to try fill the gap. A person could also just be downright greedy. Working should be a pleasure in life. Mild exercise can in fact also be very pleasurable. Engaging in other pleasures than eating can help diminish cravings for food.

There are various weight loss programs and strategies. Which one is best for you depends on your specific needs and main cause of the problem. In some cases simply engaging in more exercise solves the problem without any further need for a change. In the worst cases a total revamp in lifestyle and attitude is needed.

Lets look at some weight loss strategies. One of the most extreme form of weight loss strategy involves fasting. Even though this may work wonders for some, generally speaking it is not recommended. To many poeple who lost weight through fasting end up overindulging when they come out of the fast and gain all the weight they have lost. This is also a fast way of losing weight which could cause flabby skin. Losing weight slower is recommended so the skin has a change to shrink. Fasting has a detoxification and healing effect, however there are foods and diets with the same effect.

One of the most effective weight loss programs involves monitoring your calorie intake vs the amount you burn via physical activities. You will have a list of activities and how much calories it burns approximately. And a list of foodstuffs and their calories. This kind of weight loss program (diet) does not limit a person as to what he/she eats, only the quantities vs the amount of exercise. Most people don’t like to be told what to eat, thus this kind of program is most used.

The main reason many people who try to lose weight fail is that they fail to make the necessary changes in their life. A change in lifestyle is needed. Social patterns may need adjusting also. The root cause of being overweight starts on a psychological level and that is where it must be combated.

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