Loncin LX250-8 Cruiser.

(More photos of my Loncin LX250-8  available here.) The Chinese Loncin LX250-8 Cruiser has the exact same engine as the Japanese Suzuki GN250. The parts are 100% compatible. Only the electrical systems differ and the frames. These two motorcycles are manufactured by completely different motorcycle manufacturers. And the quality of materials may differ. If you … Continue reading Loncin LX250-8 Cruiser.

Solar Power Regulators and Charge Controllers.

Before I start, just a quick relevant note about me the author: I have electronics qualifications and live off grid. One of the first things a complete novice to solar panels learn, is that you are not simply going to put solar panels on batteries and have everything going smoothly without some kind of voltage … Continue reading Solar Power Regulators and Charge Controllers.

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