Temperature Alarm

This Application for Android dials a number or sounds an alarm at specified temperatures.

It is used to monitor the temperature of a room like a server room, any other room, outside in a crop field. Anywhere you need to monitor temperature – Medical labs or cabinets. The app will dial a number or sound an alarm if the temperature reaches user specified levels. It can be used as a frost alarm alert system. Or as an overheat alarm. The length of time it will dial can be set to a specified amount of seconds. No billing needs to occur that way, it will only dial and then hang up after x amount of seconds. It will also give a battery low alert at a specified level.

The app uses the device’s ambient temperature sensor if present else it will use the battery temperature sensor. Please notice that if it is using the battery temperature sensor that the reading is only accurate if:

The device is not under charge.
The device is not drawing a lot of power from the battery.
Leave the screen turned off else the power drawn will affect the reading.

The battery temperature sensor will only give an accurate reflection of the ambient temperature under those specified conditions.

This app can also simply be used to give an alarm if your phone is very hot or the battery is very hot. Indicating that you might need get it out of the sun for example.

We also have a Temperature Monitor app available for reading the temperature and battery level via Wifi on a second android Device .