USB Programmable message fan – loses program when switched off.


I received this message fan as a gift. After putting in my own message ( instead of the default PHASE 1 – PHASE 2 etc ) as per the included instructions, I found that it always lost it’s message if left switched off for a while. It did this with batteries inserted and even with the USB power plugged in. It would never keep its programming when switched off for some time.

After some research I found that some of these message fans can be reset so solve this problem. To do this ensure that the USB power is removed, remove the batteries, and then turn it on and off twice. This solved the problem for me. After doing that the fan keeps it’s message as long as it has either batteries inserted or USB  power present.

Then I found that plugging in the USB power, even with batteries present, sometimes caused the message/program you put in to become lost again. This has to do with the fact that the power plug will disconnect the battery power when a plug is inserted.

I  solved this problem by modifying the hardware. I circumvented the battery_disconnect_switch on the power plug so that the battery power will always be present. Then I modified the USB power cable so the voltage on the batteries will not be to high and damage them. I did this by inserting a diode.

This procedure ended up to work nicely for me – no more losing the message I put in. Here are some pictures of what to do if you would like to modify your message fan:

Remove the screws below:


De-solder the black wire on the power plug – the wire coming from the battery:


Solder it together with the other black wire on the plug:


Thats it. You may close it up at this point of you want.

Now modify the cable. Cut it open:


Cut the red wire:


Solder any silicon diode with a 1Amp ( or more rating ) into the cable:


Ensure that the Anode is soldered to the USB plug side. And the Cathode is soldered to the fan plug side. ( Cathode is marked with a stripe ).

Now its wise to cover this up with some isolation tape or heatshrink:



Please notice that I am happy with this procedure. It worked for me. My batteries are fine etc. But I can not guarantee you will not have any adverse effects. Also be aware that you void warranty by opening the device.  I will not take responsibility for any damages incurred by your work. And make no claims as to the usability or suitability of this procedure apart from it that i’m satisfied with it 🙂