How to have good interpersonal relationships.

A very important aspect of life is interpersonal relationships. A good interpersonal relationship requires both parties to have the correct attitude.

Example attitudes:
Never be to proud to admit fault.
Never look down on the one who is wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Both parties must have this attitude.

If both parties makes good choices in life they are bound to have the best relationship achievable. Even though just making similar choices in life can cause a working relationship.

Always talk things out. All issues can be resolved if both parties have the correct attitude and discuss things. Both parties needs the same foundational reference point to distinguish between right and wrong. Do not let unresolved issues build up. We humans choose our attitudes. Attitudes are not set in our personalities. We choose our behaviour. Be open to make required changes in order to make a relationship work or to improve it. Making good choices helps most. For example: To be stubborn is a bad personality trait. To stay stubborn is choice. It is not set.

To love yourself is good, to love bad personality traits just because it is a part of you is a bad idea. To love your partner is crucial, to love his or her imperfections also is not leading to improvement. Some people will settle for just a working relationship, some will choose something better…

We are all born impure, but it does not mean you have to stay that way. The more you make good choices the more your relationships will improve and the more your impurities will dissipate.

Keep picking good personality traits over bad ones and your relationships will not just work, they will be great. A person who makes good choices in life is perfect already.

Do not hide or suppress or accept bad personality traits, get rid of them. Sooner or later they cause your relationships trouble. What is hidden never stays hidden forever. If both parties like some or the other bad common trait, the relationship might work, but it will not be ideal. It will not be as good as it can be.

Simply put: To improve not only your relationships, but to improve all aspects of your life, choose good over bad. Strength over weakness etc.