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WiFi Signal Strength Meter – in dBm

This free Android application by NeoFrontier Technologies will display all the signal strengths of all the available WiFi access points in your vicinity.  Signal strengths are given in dBm next to the Access Point Name and BSSID or MAC address:   This application is a tool used for debugging WiFi networks. It can be used … Continue reading WiFi Signal Strength Meter – in dBm

Tap once for Balance Enquiry banking or other USSD codes

Tired of repetitively entering USSD codes like *100*502# for cellular balance enquiries or banking ? Use this application to create shortcuts to various USSD codes. Just press any of the buttons to execute the relevant USSD command instantly. Brought to you by NeoFrontier Technologies. Download it free from:    

WhatsMyIP – Android Application

This Android application will display all IP address associated with the interfaces on your Android device. It will also retrieve your IP address as seen by servers on the internet. ie your external internet IP address. It will display IPv4 and other addresses like IPv6. A convenient refresh menu item is included to check for … Continue reading WhatsMyIP – Android Application