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Who is NeoFrontier Technologies ? – Android Developer

  NeoFrontier Technologies is the name under which Albert Kannemeyer does Software Engineering. Specializing in Android Device Programming. Features: Many years of collective programming experience Programming Qualifications Contractor Android Programmer Analytical Programmer Designer Developer Graphic Design Located in South-Africa. Free quotes. Samples of my work can be found at: Contact me

WhatsMyIP – Android Application

This Android application will display all IP address associated with the interfaces on your Android device. It will also retrieve your IP address as seen by servers on the internet. ie your external internet IP address. It will display IPv4 and other addresses like IPv6. A convenient refresh menu item is included to check for … Continue reading WhatsMyIP – Android Application

Cell Tower Information – Android Application

This free android application by NeoFrontier Technologies displays the currently connected cell tower information like: GSM Signal Strength, GSM Cell ID (CID) and GSM Area Code (LAC). Also the Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). It is mainly used for debugging cellular connectivity problems, but use it in any way you like. … Continue reading Cell Tower Information – Android Application