Loncin LX250-8 Cruiser.


(More photos of my Loncin LX250-8  available here.)

The Chinese Loncin LX250-8 Cruiser has the exact same engine as the Japanese Suzuki GN250. The parts are 100% compatible. Only the electrical systems differ and the frames.

These two motorcycles are manufactured by completely different motorcycle manufacturers. And the quality of materials may differ. If you are looking for a new engine for a Loncin LX250-8 it is recommended to rather fit a Suzuki GN250 Engine since the quality is probably better.

New GN250 Engines are available from various vendors found on the internet and you will find some of them listed here.

I own a LONCIN LX250-8 and am a DIY ( Do it yourself ) mechanic. I have overhauled my motorcycle, including the engine and spraying.

The Loncin LX250-8 is a good looking motorcycle which turns heads. It is also very comfortable. However, it is know to give electrical problems and the way the back sprocket is held in place is a bit flimsy which could cause it to come loose. However, both these problems has a remedy.

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